Fall 2016

#Vegan: Perceptions of Veganism in the Media

This podcast explores how veganism is portrayed in the media and how that affects societal perceptions of vegans. We interviewed vegans to find out how closely they identify with or approve of the media’s representation of a vegan lifestyle.


American Coffee Culture

This mini ethnographic project chronicles the evolving cultural interest of coffee, and how the coffee culture has changed over the last fifty years in the United States. A main discussion of the research is the politics of the common coffee order, and why there are stereotypes associated with coffee drinking.


The Canning Process and its Association with Gender Roles and Class

This mini-ethnography focuses on the association of the canning process with gender roles and class. Through participant observation and four interviews, we collected data on the intersection of canning with these important structures of power. We then compared our data and created this podcast to display, discuss, and examine our findings.


The Intersection of Veganism and Socioeconomic Status in College-Aged Adults

This study concerns the intersections of a vegan diet and socioeconomic class for college students at Michigan State University. We concerned ourselves with how people became vegan, what they have learned about class and food production/consumption as a result, as well as their experience with an on-campus meal plan as their primary method of obtaining food.


Effects of College Living on Kosher Diet

An ethnography that highlights the kosher diet in regards to identity and the transition in college.